Second Round of Hudson Arts Emergency Program Grants a Total of $8,000 to 16 Artists

Tim McDowell
Photo by Timothy McDowell, who received a $500 stipend during the program’s first round

Sixteen creative workers will share a total of $8,000 in stipends in a second round of funding from the Hudson Arts Emergency Program, a community-funded, WPA-style project, supporting individual artists for projects that speak to life in Hudson during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown.

The first round of funding awarded $2,000 to four artists, bringing the grand total of artists to date receiving aid to 18, sharing a total of $10,000.

“We were thrilled and impressed by the thought and imagination that artists displayed in their applications, so we decided to cast as wide a net as possible in the current round of funding,” says Seth Rogovoy, who leads the Hudson Development Corporation (HDC) Emergency Cultural Task Force, from which this program emerged.

Projects receiving funding include painting, photography, installations, musical compositions, performance, dance, field recordings, and video.

Individuals receiving $500 stipends as part of the second round include:

  • Victor Bloom, composition
  • Valerie Shaff, photography
  • Marc Scrivo, “Hudson for Trees,” photography, field recordings, documentation
  • Rebecca Borer, webcast
  • Alison Fox, painting
  • Victoria Sambunaris, photography
  • Sondra Loring, dance
  • Emily Smith, composition and performance
  • James Autery, video
  • Lydia Rubio, visual arts
  • Jeremy Bullis, sculpture/installation
  • Suzanne Snider, oral history
  • Jane Ehrlich, visual arts
  • Pauline Decarmo, visual arts
  • Louise Smith, mural
  • Elise McMahon, video

Learn more about the program, and download the guidelines and application, on our website.