Residents, Visitors, and Business Owners Can Now Share their Feedback on the Shared Streets Trial Weekend

A scene from the Shared Streets trial weekend. Courtesy of Hudson Hall and Photo by JD Urban.

Shared Streets organizers Hudson Hall, Future Hudson, and Design for Six Feet are seeking feedback from residents, visitors, and business owners alike following the initiative’s trial weekend, which concluded last night.

If you need a primer on the program, Hudson Hall explains:

This past weekend was the Trial Weekend of the Shared Summer Streets program. The goal of the program is to begin a process of opening up Warren Street to businesses, residents and visitors to practice safe, physical distancing.

The Shared Summer Streets program has two primary components:

—The first is a permitting process to help the City facilitate the expansion of businesses into parking spaces which are valid throughout the week.

—The second is the Shared Streets concept to calm traffic by reducing the speed limit to 5mph on Friday, Saturday and Sundays from 10am to 8:30pm. The traffic calming provides a safe space for for pedestrians and cyclists to share the street with vehicular traffic and practice physical distancing for a safe shopping and dining experience.

The City of Hudson implemented the Trial Weekend with as little cost as possible to test and learn.

To be able to react quickly and prepare accordingly for this coming weekend, the organizers are kindly requesting all feedback be submitted by end of day Tuesday 6/30.