Hudson Business Coalition Releases Results of its Covid-19 Business Questionnaire

Today, the Hudson Business Coalition (HBCi) is releasing the results of its Covid-19 Business Questionnaire. The questionnaire was conducted online from April 10 to May 1, and had a total of 64 respondents, 90% of whom are Hudson-based business owners (the remainder own businesses elsewhere in Columbia county).

The full results can be found online at (best viewed on a computer or tablet) or downloaded as a PDF from the Visit Hudson NY website.

Some top-line results include the following:

  • 90% of respondents are ‘on pause’— effectively ceasing operations, or operating with ’significant modifications’
  • 59% report having difficulty making rent or mortgage payments, and and 55% report difficulty paying for their operating expenses
  • 36% of respondents aren’t sure how many months they’ll be able to make rent payments, or won’t be able to pay rent for even one more month going forward
  • 20% of respondents say they are not optimistic about their prospects of returning to business after the pandemic, while 44% are optimistic about returning (36% are unsure about their prospects of returning)
  • Many respondents provided free-form responses to questions about how the pandemic has affected their businesses and the ways in which they could use assistance, both now, and as they get ready to re-open.

The Hudson Business Coalition thanks all those who responded to the questionnaire. The HBCi will use the insights gained from these results as we continue to work with elected officials and other leaders in our community to find new ways to support Hudson’s business owners and their employees during this crisis.